Friday, November 23, 2012

Gratitude - Day 11 - Music Part 2

The music of my teen years was a mixture of  three very different styles:  The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and the Mo-Town singers of the 60's

My favorite song by the Beatles is In My Life.  I love the lyrics and I always think of my husband when I hear it.  We met when I was sixteen years old, and although we did not marry until many, many years after that, he was always in my mind.  

I was more greatly influenced by Bob Dylan.  None of my friends liked him.  I think I was drawn to his poetic style more than anything else, and I think it helped shape me as a poet.  I certainly was not involved in or sympathetic to his lifestyle or politics during that period of my life.  My favorite by him was Like A Rolling Stone. I must have played that record a million times. 

The Mo-Town singers were my favorites, and there are too many to name here, but the Supremes would probably top the list. 

Today, I love and enjoy listening to many different styles of music, but mostly lean to instrumental with nature sounds.  I like to have my quiet time on the porch with a music cd that includes birds singing.  One day, a cardinal sat on a tree branch nearby and called back and forth to the cardinal on the music trac.  It was lovely. 

My favorite worship music is Messianic / Davidic style.  In our synagogue, we dance, wave flags and banners, and praise G-d to this type of music.  I love it because it incorporates the Hebrew language, which we want to teach and preserve.   I hope you enjoy a sample of this joyous style:

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  1. I love listening to the singing of birds and since spring began here in NZ I have been blessed with the sound of it all around me all day long till sundown.Love the story of the cardinal! :)