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31 Days of His Wisdom - Day 23 - Wealth

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In Proverbs 23, today, these verses reminded me of a valuable lesson:

4 Don’t exhaust yourself in pursuit of wealth;
    be smart enough to desist.
If you make your eyes rush at it,
    it’s no longer there!
For wealth will surely grow wings,
    like an eagle flying off to the sky.

Perhaps you have lived long enough to see wealth grow wings and fly away.  I have and it is pretty disconcerting; however, I learned a great lesson from that experience.   What I went through was painful, but taught me a lesson no one can ever take from me.

In the late 1990's, within the space of two months, I lost everything.  My husband, my health, my income, my home, a good "friend", and my job.  In spite of all that, I saw the hand of a loving G-d working in my life and showing me favor.  Although I could not work during that time, G-d provided every need.  Money came to me in amazing ways.  I stood in awe of His provision.

My husband at that time divorced me.  Along with him went my health care coverage at the very time I learned that I needed major surgery.  Through prayer, and an appeal, I was able to keep the coverage long enough to have the surgery.  

I had to go to the divorce hearing in a wheel chair, without a lawyer, and yet I was shown tremendous favor and given unexpected money to meet my needs. 

I  realized I had to move from my beautiful home because I could not afford it.  When I appealed to the landlord, he granted a huge reduction in the monthly payment and worked with me to get through the crisis.

While I was recovering from surgery, a "friend" was taking my place at my job.  When I returned, I was informed that they preferred her over me, so I was no longer needed.  While this was crushing, I learned a valuable lesson about true "friendship".  I also saw G-d move quickly to provide me with another better paying  job within a couple of days.

Up until this time, I thought provision came through a husband, or a job, or my own effort.  Through this two-month experience I learned that provision/wealth is by the hand of ADONAI.  He provided for me in amazing, loving, very generous ways in spite of the evil done to me.  I was in His favor, and nothing could stop that.  What was meant for evil was turned to my good.  

After this experience, I knew that the pursuit of anything other than G-d was futile.  My focus became Him and His wisdom.  That pursuit has led me to amazing places and has brought me true wealth.

Beloved, I tell you this because when we are obedient to Him, He will provide for us.  This is valuable wisdom.  Trust Him and obey Him, and you will find wealth.  He will meet your every need.


Quotations are from The Complete Jewish Bible

Each time I read through Proverbs, something different jumps out at me.  This is ADONAI quickening His Word to my heart.  

As I go through this month of studying Proverbs, I hope you'll join me and read the chapter, too.  I'll share what stands out to me for that day.  

I'd love for you to share something He shows you through the day's reading. 
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This 31 day series will focus on the things I learned from Proverbs, as well as some things from Torah study, and will add in a sprinkling of what I've learned from Judaism. 

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