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31 Days of His Wisdom - Day 24 - Sweet as Honey

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Proverbs 24 contains one of my favorite passages about wisdom:

13 My son, eat honey, for it is good;
    honeycomb drippings are sweet to your taste.
14 Know that wisdom is similar[ly sweet] to your soul;
    if you find it, then you will have a future,
    what you hope for will not be cut off.

Wisdom is compared to honey in this passage as being sweet to the taste, and if you have found wisdom, you know this is true.  The mezuzah is a daily reminder of this.  

Rabbi Jem blessing the home
The mezuzzahs are put on the doorposts of homes, businesses, and synagogues to remind us of the sweetness of wisdom.  Inside the mezuzzah is the Sh'ma.  You can read more about that prayer HERE

The picture above is of Rabbi Jem saying the Hebrew blessing after applying the mezzuzah to the doorpost of a synagogue member's home.  
When entering or leaving the house, we touch the mezuzzah and bring our fingers to our lips as a reminder that wisdom is sweet as honey.  What a wonderful, tactile reminder of the honey for our souls. 

We are also reminded of this when the Torah scroll is paraded in the synagogue.  We touch the scroll with our siddurs (prayer books) and bring the book to our lips to remind us of the sweetness of His Holy Word.  This is a weekly reminder of how precious wisdom is.


Quotations are from The Complete Jewish Bible

Each time I read through Proverbs, something different jumps out at me.  This is ADONAI quickening His Word to my heart.  

As I go through this month of studying Proverbs, I hope you'll join me and read the chapter, too.  I'll share what stands out to me for that day.  

I'd love for you to share something He shows you through the day's reading. 
I'll be linking these posts to the 31 Days event at The Nester

This 31 day series will focus on the things I learned from Proverbs, as well as some things from Torah study, and will add in a sprinkling of what I've learned from Judaism. 

I will be posting daily through October 31.  To read the posts, just go to the Labels section on the left, and click on "31 Days of His Wisdom".

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