Sunday, October 27, 2013

31 Days of His Wisdom - Day 27 - Quiet Time

My veranda

Proverbs 27 contains one of my favorite verses:

14 Whoever greets his neighbor in a loud voice at dawn
    might just as well have cursed him.

Wisdom teaches us that mornings are supposed to be quiet.  No loud voices.  This is important, especially to me.

I'll never forget a ladies retreat I attended.  My roomie woke me up singing, "Good morning to YOU!" A soft song might have been nice, but she sang it in the loudest, most annoying voice you could imagine.  UGH!  

I said, "Alisha, did you know the Bible says that using a loud voice to someone in the morning is like cursing them?"

"It does not.."

"Oh, yes, it sure does.  I'll show you.....after I have my coffee."  

I love a quiet morning.  A cup of coffee on my veranda, listening to and watching the birds is how I like to start my day.  It is easy to praise Him when I see the beauty all around me and focus on the blessings in my life.  

Quietness helps me hear the voice of Hashem. There is no better way to start the day than seeking His face, listening to His voice and renewing my mind through reading the Holy Scripture.  My prayer mentor George Mueller said this daily discipline helped him get his soul in a happy state, and I agree with him.  Starting the day in quiet meditation sets the tone for a good day.

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Quotations are from The Complete Jewish Bible
Each time I read through Proverbs, something different jumps out at me.  This is ADONAI quickening His Word to my heart.  

As I go through this month of studying Proverbs, I hope you'll join me and read the chapter, too.  I'll share what stands out to me for that day.  

I'd love for you to share something He shows you through the day's reading. 
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This 31 day series will focus on the things I learned from Proverbs, as well as some things from Torah study, and will add in a sprinkling of what I've learned from Judaism. 

I will be posting daily through October 31.  To read the posts, just go to the Labels section on the left, and click on "31 Days of His Wisdom".

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  1. I'm just starting a study of Proverbs with a friend. I may refer to your blog along the way. Quietness in the mornings is my time to hear wisdom. A great way to connect with the One we love.

  2. Ruth, I'm so glad you will be studying Proverbs together. I pray for you to increase in wisdom. I hope my posts will help.

    Yes, He is waiting for us to draw near...always.