Monday, October 7, 2013

31 Days of His Wisdom - Day 7 - Kinswomen

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In today's reading of Proverbs 7, I was struck by this passage, and especially verse four:

My (daughter), keep my words,
store up my commands with you.
Obey my commands, and live;
guard my teaching like the pupil of your eye.
Bind them on your fingers;
write them on the tablet of your heart.
Say to wisdom, “You are my sister”;
call understanding your kinswoman;

so that they can keep you from unknown women,
from loose women with their seductive talk.
 (from the Complete Jewish Bible)

Isn't that verse the perfect verse for Gail-Friends?  My desire for wisdom, has led me to embrace His wisdom and understanding as my kinswoman/relative/friend. I think the graphic is a wonderful picture of this concept?  

Do you see wisdom and understanding as your friend?  Or do they rub you the wrong way?  Have you ever been around someone who just didn't gel with you?  I have.  I also felt that way about G-d's ways in my younger years.  I confess - as a teenager and a young woman, I wanted to do my own thing.  While I never was what we called "wild" back in my day, I was still rebellious, even though I attended church faithfully.  Sadly, I reaped the consequences of those decisions.  Like the old saying does, "You can't plant corn, and expect to harvest peas."

Verse two says "obey my commands and live."  His ways are the way to life, peace, and happiness, and that's the life I want.  Don't you?  He says we can have those things when we obey His wisdom.

Verse five also spoke to me.  By obeying His wisdom, I can avoid friendships with women (and men) who would attempt to seduce me.  Every teenager needs to know these verses.  It's not just about sexual relationships, but other things as well.  

I will give a good example.  As a young woman, I had a church friend, who I enjoyed talking with  We grew to be close friends, but over time I saw that she was a gossip and a busy body, and I started doing the same thing.  I had to pull back from the relationship because she would not receive counsel about the negative effect of her behavior.  Had I been studying Proverbs and the Torah  I'm sure I would have recognized this much sooner.

We can be seduced to pursue the wrong things in a career, recreation, television and movies, the internet.  I could go on and on, because seduction can occur in any area.  If we are grounded in wisdom, however, we perceive instantly when that person or activity is wrong, and that it will lead us down the wrong path.  Our kinswomen, Wisdom and Understanding, will preserve and protect us.


Each time I read through Proverbs, something different jumps out at me.  This is ADONAI quickening His Word to my heart.  

As I go through this month of studying Proverbs, I hope you'll join me and read the chapter, too.  I'll share what stands out to me for that day.  

I'd love for you to share something He shows you through the day's reading. 
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  1. Great post today, Gail. I read the chapter this morning. I'm with you, sister. I like the practical examples about wisdom you gave. Good word.