Thursday, April 23, 2020

30 Days of Praise Day 23 - Freedom

Father, I praise You for freedom.  This pandemic has made me aware of so many things I took for granted.  I miss going shopping on a whim. Visiting with neighbors and family.  Hugs - oh, how I miss hugging a friend or loved one when we meet or part. Going out to lunch or dinner.  Walking on the beach. Taking a vacation.  I especially miss worshipping with mishpocha at the synagogue.

Every year when we celebrate Passover, we're reminded of our freedoms as we remember the escape of Israelites from Egypt's slavery.  This year has accentuated that and made me more thankful for our freedoms in America.  We value it highly and are not content to be contained indeterminably.  I praise You for giving us a president for such a time as this.  He understands our desire to be free and he's working toward that end.  God bless him for working so hard to find solutions and encourage us with hope.  Guide him with Your might to walk in the path of righteousness and justice.

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