Sunday, April 26, 2020

30 Days of Praise Day 26 - Birds

I praise You, Father, for birds  - for their beauty, their songs, and for the spiritual lessons they've taught me.  And I thank You for the new bird that visited the backyard feeder this week.  When I saw that flash of bright red, I knew I'd never seen it before, so I ran for my camera.  I was able to get several shots over the next few days, and I identified it as a male rose-breasted grosbeak.  They migrate to the tropics from Canada and the northern states during the winter.  I guess this one was headed back home.

Over the week, I watched the new bird fight for turf with the local woodpecker.  The redhead told the grosbeak, "This is MY favorite spot, so get outta here!"  The new guy would have none of it and fought back.  The woodpecker finally gave up.  It was interesting!

When I enlarged the photos, I noticed a definite pattern on the back of the grosbeak.  I've noticed this in many birds and know that it is for protection. I looked closely and saw what looks like a mask or the face of a black and white cat.  Father, it amazes me how You care for the birds enough to design them with protection in their feathers. 

It made me think of how You protect us, Your children.  You created us with protection, too.  We have an immune system that protects us from sickness.  Fevers burn to destroy the infection.  Our skin protects us, too.  I'm thinking of how our skin is different in different parts of our bodies.  Around our eyes, it is very thin, while on our feet it is very thick.  Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made, and I praise You for that, and I thank You for protecting us from the current plague -  the coronavirus.

You said to "consider the birds", and I thank You for my new feathered friend, and for giving this bird nerd another "bird blessing".

Dear Gail-Friends, I have a treat for you.  Here's a video of a male rose-breasted grosbeak for your enjoyment.  If you love birds like I do, you'll want to bookmark this website:


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